Buy Android App Reviews online

Buy android app reviews online, What if I tell you that an average smartphone user used the device for 145 minutes per day? Devoting this much time can be deleterious both for your body and mind if you are a smartphone user. Well, the only silver lining is that users are not glued to their phone screens for long at a stretch. They break their usage in a lot of small sessions.  Thus, an average user is engaged in 76 disparate sessions in a day. This alarming fact tells us the potential usage surge in the last few years. Moreover, it tells us that the competition has only got fiercer. Even the smallest rank increment or a drop by a few points on the rank ladder can either make you ‘the big thing’ or elude you from the coveted revenue, traffic and users.


Why it is difficult to drive buy android app reviews online as compared to the online counterpart!

SEO as compared to ASO is pretty easier. Websites are online 24*7 irrespective of whether the user is online or not. But, apps are only online when the user has opened the app and is using it. Thus tweaks and changes can be easily seen on websites. All you need is to refresh the page and the updated version of your product is available to the whole world. This luxury is not what you get in mobile apps. Developers need to publish on the app store first. Thereafter, every user needs to individually update the app, and that requires more android app downloading.

Also, with more than 35% of the apps never being downloaded even once in the Apple app store, spreading app awareness needs to be the first step of a post app production campaign.

Considering that you are familiar with the ASO techniques and other method used for app marketing like buying paid app reviews, buying android app downloads, buying iOS app reviews and buy android app reviews etc.; I’d like to share few additional elements that Buy android app reviews online:


A/B testing

When you have to check how effective your recent software tweaks were, you make use of A/B testing. Using this technique you don’t actually roll out a completely new version of your app and most importantly you get the user feedback about updates or changes to your app. This method bifurcates your users into two groups- one group uses the version without updates and the other group uses the experimental version of your app. It has measuring metrics for measuring app engagement, average session time, how many times users opened the app etc.

Now, once you get results from both the groups, you can use the better parts and come up with the better version. You need a third party service to run A/B testing on live apps which needs some technical integration.  Apptimize, Appsee, Kissmetrics are some of the third party service providers.


With the recent study, it was found that more than 82% of apps are uninstalled after single use. Perhaps, the first impression is always the last impression. Discovering the app takes a while as compared to opening different web pages in tandem on the desktop. Once your app is discovered, downloaded and installed, it is not the end of your job. Being a developer and a marketer, you need to ensure that the user is engaged with your app.

Thus, to ask for registration without even allowing the user to use the app has resulted in 56% uninstalls. Thus, let your users engage with the app and only then, after a brief moment, ask them for online registrations. Make sure that your registration process is as terse as possible and requires the least information to be typed. Moreover, if you can keep, one step registrations, users would be halfway in love with the accessibility of your app. Make sure you don’t ask for unnecessary information to users in the registration process. This would Buy android app reviews online faster than your anticipation.

Load time

If you don’t want to get your app uninstalled before it is ever used by the customer, don’t make the mistake of keeping long load time. With users having a low tolerance to wait, give them no reason to stop and wait for slow launching. If your app lags or has any bugs which delay page jump, make sure you get it revised before the users notice them.

Gestures Consideration

With advanced UI available, as a developer, your emphasis should be on-screen objects. It would be better if you’d ask users to tap more than type information. Screen rotation is imperative and the app should work exactly the same way as it does in the normal mode. Also, with better gesture consideration, you inadvertently make better Android app promotion free.

In-app chat support

buy android app reviews online

You can’t please everyone. Neither could God. No matter how immaculate you make your app, users are fond of nit-picking. Provide in-app chat support so that they can communicate to you by the easiest means. This feature promotes user engagement and retention more than any other feature along with buy android app reviews online.

Enable Facebook/Google Login

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become the inevitable friend every online user has. It is a possibility that users may not know what an app is, but the idea of online users being oblivious of Facebook is preposterous. So, confirm that you have both Facebook and Google login options enabled for signing into your app.

No abrupt shut down

If your app is uninstalled only after being used once, it is probably because it had a shutdown failure. Abrupt shutdowns are repugnant and you need to be certain for every new tweak, update that there is no leak anywhere.


There are no. of applications present in the Google and Apple app store. Over 1.3 million in Google play and 1.2 million in Apple play store, applications are facing very high cut-throat competition to achieve brand values and buy app store reviews.

Whenever customers go for buying anything they look for past experiences, recommendations and follow the same most of the times e.g. clothes shopping, restaurants, movies, hospitals, doctors etc.In the same way customer for an app go for reviews and ratings.


buy app store reviews

  1. It gives you proper feedback –

Customer’s way of thinking for an app plays the major role in the growth of an app developer, their genuine reviews can help a lot to make your apps features more worthwhile.

  1. Android app ratings –

Ratings up to 4-5 stars show the goodness of your app but reviews qualify app ratings. It shows satisfying customers need personally and the extent of happiness with it.

3. It improves Android app rank –

High ratings and positive reviews will ultimately go for increasing the ranking of your app in the app store, as it increases rankings and benefits customer as well as app developer at the same time with more downloads

How to get app store reviews –

In between so many apps, your app has to make a brand value, and this can be done by ratings and reviews, depends on real users and their shared personal experiences.But most of the users don’t pay much attention to give reviews and ratings. That’s where your app lacks behind, but you can purchase app reviews by paying some charges and get positive, real reviews from real people and higher ratings too.

Buy app store reviews –

Buying application reviews from the authentic website will absolutely play an effective role by making sure with the increased number of app installs by customers.

Paid app reviews –

Paid app reviews are common these days, the most practical way to buy app store reviews is from genuine websites. If Apple finds your fake reviews, they will easily remove your app from their app store. So make sure you buy only genuine companies reviews from true users who actually download the app, use it and give a worthy comment inducing other people to download it too.

Buy android app review –

You can buy android app reviews from below given websites but make sure they provide reviews from real users

You can get no. of reviews for your app by reviewing other apps. Here, you review an app and earn points and you get a review for each point you earn for android as well as for iOS apps.

Here In this website, a reviewer can create a review and easy to make money.This will give them money and worthful reviews to you. have no. of application users there to rate and review your app easily. It can really help you with more of your app downloads & increased ratings. have more than 5 million app reviewers and over 30000 reviews on a daily basis, they do a review for Android apps as well as for Apple store apps.

 Buy app reviews  where you can really work to make your android app keywords to the Rank top.

Their service is to help you in uplifting your applications.They offer no. of services like app ratings & reviews, app installs and keyword rank boosts.

Buy android app ratings –

An app first impression is always rating and high ratings also lead to getting no. of reviews. Make sure get higher ratings with lots of users.

You can take help from can get installs and ratings for free. They promote both iOS and Android apps, confirming to install, rate and review only in the positive way.

iPhone app reviews and ratings –, as well as other websites mentioned previously, can get the help you get ratings and review for iOS and Android both.

In this way, there are many websites present for an app developer to get more reviews ratings and higher rankings with the real users and positive reviews. Most important thing for an app developer is to make sure with his app features, once a user downloads it and if he/she finds it comfortable, useful if is exactly what they want he will surely give high ratings and excellent reviews and will definitely advise others to download the same.

For that even also you have to make sure your ratings and reviews high. And for this, you can buy app store reviews from above-given websites by paying some charges.

For every developer getting of thousands of downloads for this app every day is no less than a dream come true. Also, if he is generating hundreds of dollars for those insane amounts of everyday downloads, that would add the cherry on top. But, a man is always at his best when he has the appetite for more and more. Thus, developers are not satiated till the time they break into the Top charts on the iOS app store. With buy app reviews online more stringent than its counterpart- Google Play in almost every way, it is more difficult to feature in the top charts of Apple app store as compared to Playstore.

With app market guaranteed to get more competitive in the coming time, what are the parameters that contribute to the top chart’s rankings? How to get download estimates for iOS Top Charts apps?

There is a lot more than just downloads to Top Charts rankings!

Earlier, Android app reviews were the primary factors in getting high app rankings but now the game has changed drastically. With other ranking factors known to have come on the table, things have got more complex than ever.

With information available in this world of internet at the click of the mouse, developers have started to scratch their heads at the unavailability of surefire ways and factors to ascertain what drives the Top Charts rankings.

Although downloads still remain the paramount factor which drives app rankings, there are some additional factors which are to be considered!

And with market research and following the trends and infographics on the Apple app store for a couple of months, I’ve come up with some factors which may be responsible for Top Charts Rankings:

§  Buy app reviews online

buy app reviews online

Not many are fully aware of the importance of buy app reviews online. In the technological era of 21st Century, how would you when you’d found out that 90% of customers say that their buy android app reviews decisions are influenced by buy app reviews online? Buy app store reviews and Buy app installs for Android are on the rising exponential curve with Google app store reviews being one of the pillars of Android app promotion.

Negative reviews can be mean and most importantly disengage your audience. positive app reviews and rating, on the other hand, can pick up your apps from the nothingness to everyone’s likeness. Although we know that the driving factor is still getting Android app downloads, buy app reviews online and ratings are like real sidekicks.

§  Download intensity

Apart from the quintessential downloads, the intensity of downloads over a period of time is imperative too. If there is a sudden surge in the number of downloads, your ranking apps improve allowing you a chance to get featured in the Top Charts rankings.

§  App retention

Paid App installs and paid ios app reviews are a way to pay a third party (marketing agency) to get the desired number of installs for your app. But, this can lead to work done just half! App retention is another vital factor behind the Top Charts rankings. Organic downloads guarantee more app retention as those customers tend to use the app more than users who are paid for just installing the app. Many a time, they only install the app and uninstall it immediately without even opening it. This is terrible for getting higher ratings on Top Charts in Apple app store.

§  App engagement

Perhaps the most important factor of them all, app engagement. If you believe Apple app store cannot or does not monitor the usage of the specific apps by users, you are missed, my friend. Apart from the above factors, App store monitors a number of time users were engaged with the app. Now, many companies offer paid app reviews and paid iOS app installs, but app engagement is something which is still not known to everybody. The more time you devote on an app, the higher goes its value.

To cite an example:

If your app has a thousand downloads with 3 minute average app engagement time, your total app engagement turns out to be 3k minutes. Moreover, if another app has 800 downloads with 7 minute average app engagement time, the total app engagement for the second app is 5600 minutes.

Clearly, app number 2 is going to get a better ranking. Thus, these two figures clearly tell us the impact on app engagement on Top Charts of App store.


Having talked about factors which are essential for getting your app in iOS Top Charts, let us talk about the real difference maker. Downloads! It is. No matter how much you work on building your app profile, ASO, UI and other important stuff, it is this factor which trumps everything else.

  • To enter top 50 of iOS Top Charts in paid apps category, you need to get 4000 app downloads per day.
  • A paid iPad-only app needs to gross $10200 per day to feature in top-50.
  • For reaching top 10, the task becomes more arduous. You are required to earn $47000 per day to reach top 10 grossing charts.
  • Free apps demand downloads:

Your app should get more than 23000 downloads per day for it to feature in top 50. This is more than 5 folds as compared to paid apps category. Looking at the figures, it is clearly evident how difficult it gets in the free app market!

I hope these magisterial figures and estimates don’t pull down your confidence and you get help from the article.



Application creation shall not be the ultimate level of intelligence of its creator. Efficiency in dealing with technology basically depends on the fact that the created application is aptly introduced to its users in the market. The best season to manipulate the technically fascinated brains is, when it is actually eager to explore them. It shall be the most amazing gift that the mind can ever expect. The genuine in promoting android apps free and buy app reviews android, especially at this time must be enthralling and appealing. So here we shall exploit some similar ideas that might aid assured success to the app creator.


buy app reviews android



Well, a tough term but APP STORE OPTIMISATION is a major step to the success story of app promotion and it’s marketing. Optimising shall definitely enhance the improve android app rankings in the store, thus the interested users shall be more inclined to experiment with the app by downloading it. also, it should be well kept in mind that ASO shall be implemented at the same time as publishing and be advertising the application in an app store or google play store.



Increasing app downloads depends upon the name that has been assigned to the app. The title must be conspicuous, at the same time it shall be easy to pronounce. Rather, it must efficiently reflect the aims, objectives of the brand and its business affairs. It should also clearly provide a reason, why it is worth installing.




The next thing that matters on the list is the creator’s buy app reviews android. Tempting words might impress the search engine but not appeal to the potential app installers. Improving ASO must not be prioritized but the users’ impression should be especially at the time when the brain is thirsty to explore new tech crazes.



During vacations, there is an excessive influx of potential app explorers that adds on to the profit of the creator. It multiplies the app reviews which may be positive or negative simultaneously. This might help in alteration of the android app ratings and thus manipulate the android app downloads or IOS app downloads.


Buy App Reviews Android


Buy Android App Reviews is the next tactic that needs to be played upon. Marketing strategies can incredibly affect android app installs or play store installs. Potentially poorer service producing apps may be uplifted due to brilliant marketing strategies, whereas, dumb intelligentsia in marketing better apps, might deliberately affect app reviews ios or app reviews for Android. That is why many developers look to buy google reviews or app store reviews Just too sheer the app ratings of an ethically good rated app.




It would be great if app freezing is not able to adversely affect the app reviews and app rankings. The aforementioned strategies would rather keep In check that googles play store reviews or google app reviews shall be impressive enough to forbid decreasing play store installs or android app downloads.




The app could be crowded with interesting activities that could add upon the feasting tech crazy brains . There could be contests or amazing offers as we can see, nowadays in the marketing apps . Beauty contests feature many other beauty apps . And winners can be offered with exciting prizes. This shall gift an entertaining vacation to the tech savvies and thus enhance positive android app reviews for the concerned apps.



It is said that ”winners never quit, and, quitters never win”. There are one thousand and one more fascinating methods than the magical Arabian nights like, buying mobile reviews or buy app review android that shall add up to this amazing world of application promotions. So it is better not to quit from winning. Rather, app creators should genuinely keep entertaining boring vacations.


Promote IOS Apps

As we know that nowadays Android phones are used much rather than the IOS phones.Due to this, many IOS app developers face difficulty in Marketing/Promoting their application. People use to promote iOS apps and promote Android app more rather than promote iPhone app reviews are read and on the basis of that application are downloaded and ios app reviews are written less compare to android so they get neglected sometimes. So, here are some effective ways that help in the better promotion of IOS application.


Digital Marketing/Social Marketing


Digital Marketing or Social Marketing is the best way to promote iOS apps. Using facebook, twitter, youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram we can easily promote apps. As people are getting more into Internet or social media it’s made easy for us to do promotion in the right way. We can also use Google advertising for the app promotion.


Buy Reviews and Ratings for your App

Nowadays positive app reviews and buy 5-star android app rating online are more important as people first check positive app reviews and rating which are given by others and on the bases of these they download the application. On the bases of this, some android app developer buy android app reviews for marketing their application. So similarly, we can buy ios app reviews which will help the developer to get more downloads.

But keep one thing in mind buying app reviews doesn’t mean by buying reviews only it’s all about getting positive reviews too. Using these tip you can get your app on the list of best review app. Not only these, some people used to buy app store reviews using app store reviews they can make people attracted more towards the iPhone application.

Not only Reviews are important but Ratings are similarly important. android app ratings are also bought such as android app reviews are bought. There are some people who used to work and get paid to reviews and make money using paid reviews only. So, one can pay for app reviews and rating to make their app to get promoted.


Increase Downloads

The most asked question of mobile app developers is “how to increase app downloads?”. So, here is some tip for you guys. To increase app downloads or getting app downloads more one can buy app downloads or it also means buying app installs, it is similar to buying ratings or buying reviews. Some Android app developers use to buy android app downloads to increase their downloads and to bring their app on top downloads list, so similarly, you can buy ios app install. Some people will also buy google play reviews and also buy play store install so that people don’t switch to iPhone from Android.


Make Your App Free

Making your app Free will grab the attention of the people towards your app. some people don’t download the app because it’s on the paid list. So, making your app free for some time can also grab the attention of the people towards your app and these can increase your downloads


Blogging/Make Website

You can also make a blog on your application or make your application’s website that will help your app to get promoted more compare to others. you can also share these blog and website to your friends, family, and other known person and tell them to share with their friends and family members.

promote iOS apps


Promote Before The Release

Before releasing your application on app store Promote IOS Apps it as much as you can. This will help you to increase your downloads on very first day of your releases. you can also do celebrity endorsement and make a video of it before it releases and share it on your Blog, website and other social media so that on the release day people will get excited and download it on the day you release it


App Review Websites

app review website are one the best ways to increase your followers. you can also pay to this website that can easily do your promotion as well as you can contact to their regular reviewers and you can pay them and buy app reviews form them.



Above are some tips that increase your downloads in the app store or IOS apps. These tips are already used by some of the android app developers to make promotion of their application


buy mobile app reviews

Google Play or Play Store as generally called is second to the none official app store in the app market with more than 3 million Android app downloads and buy mobile app reviews. Now, with app growth rate more than 1300 per day, the competition is fiercer than ever. In this over-saturated market, the probability to sustain is very less. Lesser goes the probability to make passive gains! But, “A low possibility doesn’t mean it is zero”.

Today, with this article we try to look at how to make passive gains for your android app over the due course of time.
Below are some options:

In-app Ads

This model is used extensively by almost all types of developers nowadays and also buy mobile app reviews is one of the best ways to promote Android app. Paid Android app reviews and apps cost the customer something more than nothing and thus it makes it less likely for the customer to purchase the product/app howsoever good it be. Even if some of your friends have provided outstanding feedback, you are reluctant to put your money for a virtual, digital commodity. Also, with hundreds of apps similar to the paid ones, your probability to download a paid app over a free one is less than one-tenth. This tool allows you to increase app downloads by many folds.

buy mobile app reviews

But, if your apps don’t cost any penny, how would you make money?

In-app ads are the commonest solution. You designate certain screens or part of screen frames to the ad where the advertising agency displays ads of other companies or apps. For every thousand ad impressions, Google pays you. Basically, your app becomes their platform to advertise. Google pays you for being the platform and displaying whatever the advertising agencies wish to advertise.

Remember, the amount you are paid by Google for 1000 and views is a meager dollar or two. Consequently, you need to have a humongous database. The more the audience, the more the views and so the more money you generate. Also, to make sure you get enough ad views, you need to ensure notable user engagement. Only then would they be able to contribute in watching in-app ads.

Also, as the organic users increase, so does the per month income. Even if people don’t download the app anymore but current users retain your app and are engaged with the app, you’d still continue generating revenue.


In-app Purchases

Users are ready to pay meager amounts when they are stuck in a game level or when they need to buy ios reviews and buy app reviews coins to acquire the newest power strength or a scintillating costume. But, if you ask them to pay the same amount for a paid app, their purchasing action would speak otherwise. The most important part of these purchases is the junctures where you allow the purchases.

If the user has just started the game and you ask him to purchase boosters/ health to go to the next level, chances are he may straightaway uninstall your app and look forward to another similar app. On the other hand, if you carefully look at most important junctions where the user would be lured to purchase, then you are playing your cards well.

It is even considered the simplest form of monetization for your free app. You should always consider offering your best features for some price, howsoever low it may be. With this, you guarantee that you customers increase app engagement and buy those in-app purchases.

Getting Sponsors

Perhaps this option is for apps that already have thousands of downloads and have made a buzz in the app market. Nonetheless, if you can get sponsors, you can add the brand value of the sponsor to your app and that would guarantee incoming customers by a few folds at least.

Getting Subscriptions

Another enticing feature which locks the app door ajar. If you want to have the access to full version of the app (gaming app, newspaper/magazine app), you better subscribe. Now, when a man is stopped halfway, his strong desire for closure compels him to do everything to get access to the complete version of the thing in hand (app here). Thus, introducing subscriptions in your app is another great option you’d like to consider.

But before you go ahead with adopting the above mentioned sure-fire options, you should consider tweaking things a bit. Passive income is not a piece of cake to generate. Had it been, every app developer would have been a millionaire. Nonetheless, below are the techniques to tweak your app in the interests of the customers:

Understand your customer knowing and understanding your

customer demands is a fundamental prerequisite. Unless you know their interests and expectations, how would you provide them with apt updates? You can monitor their in-app behavior, provide them with demographics and use social influence to increase the traffic and app engagement at the same time. Also, this helps in improving app ranking along with driving app downloads.

Social Media

A universally accepted platform for app promotion. Connect to your audience with organic or paid promotions. Organic promotion is the free and the simplest way to ensure online presence. Create Facebook pages, Twitter handles and Instagram profiles to ensure greater app downloads. With more buy mobile app reviews on these platforms, your app is going to attract more customers. Moreover, you can join tech groups and follow audience within your industry to get your app into the sight of your target audience.

In-app Messages

These messages are the conversations between the developer and the user. They can be only sent when the user is active on the app and are highly user dependent. If he doesn’t wish to converse, you cannot force him to talk. Though, with these unfavorable conditions, in-app messaging proves to be a considerable tool if used effectively. One of the easiest ways to promote Android app, this technique is going to be exploited in the coming time.

Push Notifications

Unlike in-app messages, these are the messages that pop up on your buy mobile app reviews irrespective of the knowledge of the user. The specialty of these notifications is that they can be sent anytime, whether you are using the app or not. Moreover, this model drives more than 50% user engagement. Although it may cost to publish push notifications, if the returns are substantial, investing in meager amounts is fine.

Hope this helps you!

What is app promotion?

As of today, the Google play store holds 2.2 million apps. the Apple app store is a home for around 2 million apps. The advancement in technology is not a new concept for us and its time we accept the major changes in the world and work accordingly. The apps compete heavily to outcome one another and rule the app store. The need for mobile apps to be marketed has increased by a threshold in the recent times. It can be seen that companies line up to promote apps and market them in every possible way so as to increase the output of these apps. Through a series of measured statistics and methods, the dream to reach the top of the app store has been made possible. It enables the app to reach a greater target audience. You can easily buy app review and get positive reviews and ratings and buy android ratings for your app or you could also hang on to iOS app reviews.



The pre-requisites for the increase in app downloads

Positive app reviews and rating are the baby footsteps which every app takes so as to be able to run. If you dream to soar in the open horizon, first you will need to walk. Even though the process seems to be a gruesome one and a tiresome one it is made possible by app marketing companies who carry out these major responsibilities in quite a jiffy. Positive app reviews help an app to have a strong hold on the app store and helps it to reach great heights.

increase in app downloads

The number of app reviews can be counted as many but the important ones which really bring about a change are as mentioned below which can be bought off like buy android app review, buy play store reviews, buy app reviews android, buy android reviews, Buy App Review, iPhone app reviews, and ratings, paid iOS app reviews, buy ios app reviews etc.

They help you to get 5-star mobile app rating online. In order to get 5-star app ratings, you must ensure that your app has great reviews and ratings. New users who do not know the existence of a particular app will only download it after checking its reviews and ratings.


Ways on how to increase app downloads


The amount of marketing put in results into the success of the app through its number of downloads. There are certain factors which have to be kept in mind when promoting a particular app so as to be able to increase the number of downloads of the apps. App downloads play an important role in determining the end result for any app and hence they add weight age to the apps status in the app store and in the eyes of the users.

Hence it is vital that marketing analysts work round the clock to ensure that a particular app is getting ample downloads to suffice its plan. Rankings to play a major role in determining the number of downloads taking place for the app and enlisting it as a popular app on the app store.

The android app developers are also welcome to promote Android app for free and thus obtain good android ratings in the process for their apps. For iOS app developers, you can buy ios reviews or buy apple reviews for the apps launched on the iOS platform. This way thus ensures that you get real app reviews for your app.


Is Buy App Review worth the money and time?


Since all five fingers are not the same in the same manner, not every company thinks alike or works alike. Each company reviews its product in a different manner and has a different notion about it. So can happen that a contrasting view can be made about these apps by different companies for either the same app or a certain set of apps.

It is often seen that companies carve uniqueness when they want to promote their app as it makes their app stand out amongst the crowd. Buy App Review is beneficial as it has numerous perks to it. It’s can be seen that after buying certain mobile app marketing plan from a specific company your downloads, reviews and ratings shoot up.

buy app review

If it happens otherwise then it is either because the company didn’t market your app in a proper way or it so happens that certain basic changes are required in the app which will make it more robust for the company to market and take forward to. If you Buy App Review it thus ensures that the number of downloads has a different story to tell and the figures shoot up or else it can help to increase the traffic on your app which in turn will get you more downloads as the number of users viewing your app just increased.

Increase app downloads

Increases the number of downloads, no sudden or abrupt change can be noticed on the app store rankings. The alternative to it is that you can undergo app store optimization along with this which will help you to not only increase the traffic but will also help your app to be listed at the top of the list whenever the user enters a certain set of keywords.

There are mixed opinions on this topic and there would be a certain set of people who believe that spending money on buying app downloads is not really a great idea and would like to defy from the concept. It is difficult to keep everyone happy and hence you should go through the plans offered by these app marketing companies carefully and choose the ones which cater to your needs and which will help you grow.

Everyone must be aware of a very common saying, “ the first impression lasts long”. This holds apt for android apps too. Reviews are the only external awning that briefs an app. Before downloading any specific app audience goes through the reviews and ratings and then take a decision. Reviews speak a lot about apps. It is very important for a developer to be very honest in highlighting reviews. Merits and demerits should be given equal privilege and all the functionalities should be clearly mentioned. The best way to promote the app to get maximum buy IOS reviews, ios app reviews, and ios/android app downloads are to buy IOS app review.


Reasons to Buy IOS reviews

buy IOS reviews

1.Positive reviews encourage app downloads

Buying IOS reviews from a trusted and reputed company will enable developers to get maximum android app downloads, positive app reviews and rating. The reviews provided are from the authentic and real audience and hence it will compel users to download that app more and more. Positive reviews in an app mean a lot. buy IOS reviewshelps in gathering more and more positive reviews.

2.Good app ranking

All the reasons are connected by a smooth string. Enhanced app rank is possible when the app gets highest positive app reviews. buy IOS review apps help developers get a good response to their apps. The professional app review provider helps to boost app ranking through effective methods. Android app installs and Android app downloads directly proportional to enhanced app ranking.

3.Coverage of keywords

Buy app reviews ios are mostly keyword based. Developers can add some catchy and fascinating keywords in reviews to make the features of app worth demanding. In this way, the app will have a vast coverage and its demand will increase. Users will go for buying of apps, buying android installs and it, in turn, will boost mobile download. Very soon the app will get itself placed in the peak. Android app installs and downloads directly proportional to use of keywords.


Many companies take the guarantee for authentication of buy ios app reviews. Reviews reflect the “about” of the app and hence needs to be true. All reviews are given by the real person and not fake accounts to increase fake publicity and to initiate vigorous app installs. The feedback of the respective app is the key to developer’s daily bread and hence it needs to be honest with equal importance to advantage and disadvantage. Buying IOS reviews should be the cleverest decision for all app developers and designers.

5.Quality of app

Quality of any product is determined by its productivity which again can be measured by people’s response towards it.  In today’s world people have more trust in others than themselves and hence they go for a detailed discussion with everyone around regarding the authenticity of any product. They also do this while installing and buying apps. Hence it is very necessary to give such reviews that will put no question on the quality of the app and will promote buying of apps, increase the number of downloads.

6.Builds good reputation

Maintaining a good reputation is very essential to strive in a technical society. Good reviews will only build a good reputation. So IOS reviews should be preferred to get more android app reviews and ratings because it saves time and extra efforts of fake publicity. Android app installs and downloads directly influenced by good reputation.

7.Clear understanding of app

By IOS reviews people will have a clear understanding of the functionalities of the app. They can get to know the extra features and compare the app with others. If the reviews would be impressive then that would drive them to install it on their respective devices.

8.Generates high rating

Rating is one of the most important aspects to be ignored. Positive reviews are key to high ratings. Apps with 4-5 stars have a firm base in play store while those with 2-3 stars are in a struggling stage. Hence reviews indirectly affect the developers.

From the above points, it is clear that android reviews and ratings are vital not only for the progress of app but also for the developer. The overall idea behind increasing positive and encouraging reviews is to place the app in a higher rank. This will boost app downloads, enhance the sale of the app.

 What if we don’t use IOS reviews?

This is basically for some inquisitive developers and users who actually want to know the happenings of not buy IOS reviews. Not using reviews will make the app dormant in Google play store or any other place where apps are viewed. It will lead to a downfall of the app’s reputation. Diminished app ratings will flicker the app’s existence. Developers who live upon their apps will struggle for their survival. Apps publicity is the chauffeur of their earning carriage. Hence every nurturing developer should keep in mind to refer to a reputed company for buy IOS reviews and ratings. The success of an applies in meteoric growth of app downloads, app purchase, app ratings and app installs.

In the race to get on top charts of Google play store, it has become quite challenging to make an app discoverable to the users. Each and every developer grapples to hit the top charts by marketing differently. But to buying app reviews for Android apps on Play store it is important to cracking the code to do so. Many users buy app reviews or download an app after checking the reviews to see how well the app is and how effective its download will be. That being said, there is a hack to such growth in developing buy app reviews and ratings. And this is not denying the fact that google play app reviews can scale up the download rate of an app.

Buy app reviews – Let’s dig in little further to understand how this is done. On years of experimenting new things to acquire new users on our client’s mobile apps. The standard digital possibilities are- Paid ads, CPI affiliate offers and most importantly organic buy ios reviews app downloads. As you know that keywords play a major role in placing google play store reviews. On further investigation, we have come to know that there are few factors that affect your organic app rankings for any particular keyword on Google play store.

buy app reviews
buy app reviews

Buy App Reviews :

Half the information of an app comes from how the title is designed and the other half comes from the description. To give a fair image of what a buy app reviews is about, the relevant keywords are crucial in the title of an app. Before marketing your app on any platform, make sure you check that relevance is reflected by app’s title and description and if not, try fixing before beginning to market. There is a standard paradigm to keep the app name, which follows a format i.e. brand name+ service offered by an app (FitTrack- Fitness Tracker app).

Install vs Uninstall Rate of  Buy App Reviews Online

We, as a team, focus on your growth as a developer and as an app. To grow as a developer, you would need to keep your applications on track, and fixing everything that seems disintegrate. Buy app review To help you in that, we come in the picture. We take care of your Android app installs to go skyrocketing. Besides app install soaring, our goal is to also control uninstall rate of the app. This is legitimate and works with authenticity and transparency with our developers.

buy app reviews


We, as a team, focus on your growth as a developer and as an app. To grow as a developer, you would need to keep your applications on track, and fixing everything that seems disintegrate. To help you in that, we come in the picture. We take care of your app’s install rates to go skyrocketing. Besides app install soaring, our goal is to also control uninstall rate of the app. This is legitimate and works with authenticity and transparency with our developers.

Buy iOS Reviews :

The numbers of your buy app reviews get in a day is what app reviews for android velocity mean. The intelligent way to control your app reviews velocity is to keep them coming throughout the week, this way it looks more natural, organic and authentic. But if you get all the positive buy ios reviews in just one single day, the result of this will be catastrophic. For once, Google will put down all the reviews you generated in just a day. Secondly, rising your ranking app overall will be a definite loss through this practice.

buy ios reviews
buy ios reviews

The numbers of reviews your app gets in a day is what buy app reviews and buy ios reviews velocity mean. The intelligent way to control your buy android app reviews velocity is to keep them coming throughout the week, this way it looks more natural, organic and authentic. But if you get all the positive reviews in just one single day, the result of this will be catastrophic. For once, Google will put down all the reviews you generated in just a day. Secondly, rising your app ranking overall will be a definite loss through this practice.

Keywords In Buy iOS Reviews:

Keywords are a natural indicator of what the app is all about. Google requires it to gather how to buy ios reviews is. You need it so that users to land on your buy android app reviews. With integrating keywords in app’s title and description, you can also spread out those keywords across the google play store rankings and reviews. This way many keywords gets incorporated in your searches through reviews.

Backlinks to play store listing and social platforms:

Just like SEO, social platforms help in disseminating a word of your app to larger audiences. Backlink from reliable sources will help how to increase app downloads faster. And more the people on social platforms like, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, twitter talk about your app, more the growth of your app increases and also it increase app downloads.

Buy App Reviews Retention Rate:

If someone, who is not a right audience for your buy ios reviews. Downloads your app and deletes or uninstalls it quickly, this would drop your Android app rankings in play store by using buy app reviews. If your marketing campaign is straight headed to the potential and target audience. Then their retention of your app would be seemingly more. Hence, improve android app rankings will soar again.

With true and honest advice, you are now closer to what we offer. Only an order away from being a part of our buy app review services with 1 million + users community.

Why do you need to buy app downloads android?

The world is changing at a very fast pace and it has become a rat race.Everything is unlikely to change except competition.Competition remains stationary and if it changes then it changes in a projectile which keeps shooting upwards.It has become important for the app developers to not only develop smarter apps but also promote it in a smart way so as to make it successful.The following article will help you to know about how to buy app downloads android and how to increase app downloads.App developers nowadays use the following mantra for the promotion of their app and also to market it at a larger group of audience.It includes iPhone app reviews and ratings, buy app store reviews , buy play store reviews , paid iOS app reviews , Buy app reviews online , Buy android app review for a particular app , buy app reviews android , get real app reviews , Buy android app reviews , buy mobile installs , buy downloads for your app , Buy positive google reviews, Buy app ratings android , Google play app reviews, Ios app reviews.


Measures to buy app downloads android :

1.Custom made Graphic User Interface for all users

It is important for your app to appeal to the user visually.Visual appeal is very important in the form of graphical user interface.Also, you should note that your app is not heavy i.e so that it runs smoothly.If you want your app to get 5-star mobile app rating online and positive app reviews and ratings then this process helps a lot.


2.Try to launch your app as a free app but with in-app purchases

This will ensure that you get a greater number of buy app downloads android. People these days can stand for as long as you want them to if you are offering a free product.If your app is free then it is advantageous to you.Apps which are free have a greater audience and are sought after more.Initially, you can launch your app as a free app and have in-app purchases.This will help you to earn revenues and also help to increase app download for your app.

3.The appearance of the app

Golden things shine the most.It is vital for your app to support a great visual appearance in order to demarcate it amongst other apps.No one these days has the time to go through all the content that is available about the app hence people just rely on visual appearance which includes cover pictures, app icon etc.Be sure to use vibrant colors and pictures for your icon and keep the textual content brisk and up to the point.

4.Campaigns play a major role in app promotion

buy app downloads android

If you want to win the hearts of your users then you can always keep either a social or any other form of the campaign which will help you to attract the crowd and get the desired results.Campaigns can be of many forms so pertaining to your needs you can organize a campaign.

5.Whenever in doubt, always rely on social media

Social media is a backbone of the app industry and it is as important a tool as any other.It plays an important role in the promotion of the app.It helps to reach out to a greater number of users.You can use these social handles for your app promotion such as facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Instagram etc.

6.Optimize your app store

The app store is a labyrinth of apps and it’s easy to get lost.The only way out of it is the app store search bar.After a user enters the type or category of an app he/she can see a list of apps pertaining to the keywords entered.This is known as app store optimization.To ensure that you have the right keywords in order to get more users to be able to look for your app and it also helps to increase the traffic of your app.So be aware of the types of keywords which users use the most while searching for an app.


Have your ads displayed on various websites and other apps.You might not be able to get your ad displayed on your rivals websites or apps but you can try to get it displayed wherever possible.The more, the better.It will help to boost your publicity.

8.Hold a contest for the promotion of your app

Contests these days attract a greater number of the crowd especially in the age group of 18-30.Use it for your benefit and hold different types of contests like selfie contest, music or dance contest, fashion show etc.You can also invite over a celebrity and make him/her give away the prizes or hold a contest in such a fashion that the winner gets to meet the celebrity.These type of contests increase the buzz about your app and promote your app at a targeted yet sure short audience who can be converted to app users.Giveaways can be given or goodies too can be given as prizes.

9.Ensure feedback and help support

You can only grow if your users are happy.Be sure to take regular feedbacks from current users and give away points or discount coupons for app referrals which will help you to boost your app popularity and help you attain more users.


What else can be done?

If you are still not sure about the above ways then you can devise your own way which will help you to get more users and help you to get more buy app downloads android for your app.

Conclusion :

The above measures will help you to achieve good android ratings and positive ratings for your app.It is evident that you follow these and take the necessary actions for your benefit.