Augment your development skills with these open-source Android App Reviews

Android App Reviews

It is said, “In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.” Books do enhance your theoretical concepts, no denying it, but to augment your development skills, there isn’t anything better than the open-source apps themselves. It is perhaps the best way to meet the nuances of development in reality which you may not find anywhere else. With the entire source code at your disposal along with the prerogative to tweak, tamper or altogether redesign the code, you can learn like never before. With millions of app icons on Play Store for reference, it shouldn’t be hard to come up with your own, unique selling point. Also with thousands of Android app reviews and as many buy android app installs, the incessant competition is growing more than ever.

But, before you dive into the code and tamper its originality, I suggest you have a first-hand experience of these apps. Once you are familiar with the settings, interface and its working, you are free to unravel the untraveled dimensions.

Having compiled the list of useful open-source apps, I ask you to dive head first into exploring these app codes before you start developing your own app. Most importantly, it empowers you by allowing you to handle and solve the issues with the existing apps. Before promote Android app and divulge into the post-production process, let’s learn how to augment our development skills first. If you could do that, you are already halfway down the road to be a great app developer.

Easy Sound Recorder

A simple audio and voice recorder. Use it to record meetings, lectures, speeches and night sleep talks without time limits! If you want .amr lossless recording, background recording, widgets, and notifications support, this repository is just tailored for you.

Issues to handle/Upgrades possible:

  • Noise interference causing distortion in sound quality
  • Pause button missing
  • Recording stops automatically in case of an incoming call
  • Amplify output volume

Wire- Private Messenger

A private, secure messenger that provides clear voice and video calls, most importantly with end-to-end encryption. A wire cannot read your messages and does not share or sell your data or contact details to anyone. Chats are always in sync so you don’t need to repeat log in. Converse in groups with up to 128 people.

Issues to handle/Upgrades possible:

  • Find a way to turn of notifications
  • Know the exact time when someone reads your message
  • Zoom in/out video calls
  • Increase group capacity


Want to back unfinished projects to see them implemented? Kickstarter is the right choice for independent creators and passionate innovators.

Issues to handle/Upgrades possible:

  • Recondition Application graph
  • Consolidate toolbar offset listeners
  • Better dynamic interface
  • Enhanced project encryption

LeafPic Gallery [Beta]

What can be better than an open-source, unreleased app? This rustic, ad-free app provides features of a stock gallery as well. Leofric is an alternate gallery to browse your photos with more fluidity. Manage your files with features like copy, move, rename and affix with user experience and beautiful designs. Also, you can hide folders and access them with passwords.

Issues to handle/Upgrades possible:

  • Include separate folder options
  • Forced shut down in Android KitKat
  • Unable to search the entire memory
  • Fingerprint integration to hide/restore photos

Timber Music App

Browse song using this beta version of Timber Music App and enjoy music like never before.  This app has exquisite features to boast- 6 different playing styles, home screen widgets, gestures for track switching and UI customizability.

Issues to handle/Upgrades possible:

  • Tone down UI
  • Store favourites
  • Allow downloading music
  • Playing queue without any time lag


What if I told you that premium apps are open-sourced too? Would it not add a cherry on top of the cake? This lucid to-do list manager syncs your todo.txt file to Dropbox. Moreover, keep a documented, human readable list. It allows you to search your list by keywords, add single or multiple tasks at once,  sort your list by priority, optional background sync, password protection.

Issues to handle/Upgrades possible:

  • Sync issues
  • Enable more sync options
  • There should be no data loss

ML Manager: APK Extractor

This is a modern, customizable app manager. It allows you to extract any installed app, mark them as favorites, share files and much more. Also, provides a      batch mode for extracting multiple APKs in tandem.
Once the device is rooted, hide apps from the device launcher so that only you can see them. Delete cache and data for individual apps too.

Issues to handle/Upgrades possible:

  • Extraction issues
  • Forced shutdown


Create and share stories and poems on your phone. Start with a beautiful image from the gallery, pick up keywords like #friendship #actionheroes #footballstars #adventure #love and complete the story. Also, you can browse stories from other users for support.

Issues to handle/Upgrades possible:

  • Introduce other login options
  • Create better keyword list
  • Allow user to select timeframe for their stories/poems


Unable to select a movie to download? Left in lurch where to find the right genre for your next movie. Use MovieGuide. With categories #comedy #suspense #romance #action #romcom #adventure #biography, choose your genre and learn about blockbusters.

Issues to handle/Upgrades possible:

  • Build database
  • Add options to download movies
  • Provide quality selection option
  • Localisation
  • Move to offline-first architecture

Another Monitor

In Android 7.0 Google has made undocumented changes and has significantly restricted access to file system. When Another Monitor is running in the background it consumes little resources. Then it can monitor and record the CPU and memory usage of other applications on the foreground.

Issues to handle/Upgrades possible:

  • Fix bugs for Android 6 and earlier versions.
  • Resolve extraction issues
  • Improve infographics


Have finance/ accounting problems? Do you often find yourself in cash-crunch situations? Learn to manage data, solve problems by drawing charts, and make custom cool UI using CoCoin.

Issues to handle/Upgrades possible:

  • Improve build
  • Infographics support
  • Better dynamic interface

Enhanced project encryption