Looking to Boost Mobile App Ranking? Here’s How To Do It

In order to boost mobile app ranking, developers tend to do a lot of things.

These range from motivated installs to incentivized reviews, and testing of graphics assets.

Here are some key things that you can do to improve app rankings.

Get Reviews on Your Mobile App

If you are you looking to increase your mobile app ratings; be it on Apple Store and Google Play Store. Then you can take a few approaches:

A. Provide superior App Experience to users:

Nothing is as important as providing superior app experience. You can buy app installs, or buy app reviews, but nothing can help you as much as putting that money into getting superior app experience.

B. Encourage users to provide feedback:

Asking users to provide feedback on your app is a great way to boost your app ranking. Because if they give a positive review on your mobile app, you would likely get more weight-age to the ranking. Whereas, a negative app review would make your areas of opportunity clear.

For this, use App Review Dashboard

“Ask and get.” The quickest, easiest way to get positive, 5-star app reviews is by asking users. Implement this plugin, or use any service that gives an option to the user to review the app at a certain point.

How to get positive app reviews – Getting the review screen right

While asking users to give android app reviews, or iOS app reviews, make sure that you dedicate a specific screen, or limit the popups. A repetitive pop-up asking a user to rate your app can end up frustrating him/her.  Do everything to make it easy for the user, and you would usually get positive app review. Most developers are fascinated with just 5-star app ratings. But, here’s a truth: 4-star, and 3-star app ratings are far more constructive and useful, then the 5-star reviews are.

Once you are set and are getting a steady, positive app rating, you can purchase app installs.

Boost Android App Mobile

Go for option of buying reviews for your app

Although we don’t recommend to buy android app reviews or even buy ios app reviews, you can go for various app promotion services, as a last resort to boost your mobile app.

For example, if you’re looking to boost your android application with positive reviews, so you can buy android app reviews from app reviews providers from online. Make sure that you get app review providers that charge you less fee.

Now, many think that it is safe to buy reviews – just as it is safe to buy installs. However, it is exactly opposite. But, there are many intelligent ways to purchase iOS reviews and android reviews, just as there are smart ways to buy Android installs and iOS installs.

But, a word of caution

If you intend to buy android app installs, make sure that you check thoroughly on device integrity. It must be 100%. Whereas, if you purchase iOS installs, make sure that your provider gets you devices that are not jailbroken.

It is easy to get app reviews for iOS or android positive reviews. But, you got to ensure that you synergize the plan well, and get in line with user’s need.

Installs For App Promotion: How does it work?

If you do a short burst of installs, an app is likely to get more traction. This is one reason why many companies sell cheap app installs and app review.

While some of these companies run on advertisement model, some others offer incentivized installs and app reviews. In most of the cases, such installs and app review helps boost mobile app ranking on iOS and Play Store.

But, with the evolution of technology, it is impossible to fool App Store by buying mobile app reviews. If you still want to, then you can consider some service providers that provide genuine app reviews from real users.

The Secret to boost mobile app ranking: Get Reviews on App Organically

Be it using app review service, or genuinely enhancing the app quality; reviews are the cornerstone to helping your app grow. Now, in the entire process of getting app ratings and reviews, you should pay attention to keywords.

Your app would do well for a specific keyword if the keyword is used in the review. Moreover, other factors like social sharing and user engagement are important parts of the app promotion.

Tips to Boost Mobile App Ranking

Now, some top secrets to getting app reviews

  1. Use app review service like review my app to get app store review or playstore reviews. It is one of the best ways for app promotion.
  2. Sign up for review exchange portals. In such portals, you can sign up to get real app reviews – in exchange for reviewing other’s app.
  3. Pay for iOS reviews, or pay for android reviews (whatever applicable). But make it a point to keep this as your last resort.
  4. Try to get new iOS ratings, or Google Play ratings by asking your friends and family members to use and rate it.
  5. Asking famous YouTubers to review your iOS app (or android app), can help you get many ios app download.

These app promotion techniques would help you effortlessly scale up your app downloads and help you boost mobile app ranking anywhere in the world.