Where and why to buy android app review?

Google Play, for now, is the ‘status quo’ of android stores. With Apple app store coming second, it is not far behind Play Store in terms of buy android app downloads and buy android app review. Comparing the present situation in the app market with “Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi rivalry”, this fight to be the best has been amongst the two titans for almost a decade. With continual updates, both the stores try their best to drive buy app downloads android.

With developers acquiring 85% of revenue as compared to 70% in the previous years, Android app marketers need not worry much about Average Revenue per User (ARPU). This substantial hike gives them the much-needed boost for app promotion without keeping themselves occupied of the though ‘Will I generate enough revenue?’.

Android app store boasts 3.3 million apps as of September 2017. Buy app downloads android is at its apogee and this rise in buy android app review is going to get quicker with every tick of the clock.

Having spotted fraudulent methods like fake installs, counterfeit (bot) reviews and incentivized ratings Google Play has become as stringent as Apple app store, if not more.
Thus, buying app reviews is now considered to be a double-edged sword. Nonetheless, with important considerations and wise approvals, you can definitely make the most out of this atypical style of marketing: buying positive app reviews.

Why buy android app review?

Positive app reviews and rating influence ratings with impact app rankings. Thereafter, rankings effect buy android app downloads and installs. One of the few certain ways to promote Android app free is well-written reviews describing your product. This makes your app worth the attention and time.

Increases organic traffic

Higher the organic traffic, greater the probability of getting android app downloads.

Augments number of downloads

With an increase in the number of downloads, you ensure that app installs have increased.

More revenue

With Google offering 85% revenue to the app developers, is it not good to get more download? If you buy reviews, you get more installs which influence higher revenues.

Makes the app look more trusted

People believe what they see. When they see you’re umpteen positive google play store reviews and get 5-star mobile app rating online, it is obvious that they inadvertently trust you.

Apple has finally permitted publishers to respond to user reviews, so you need to be wary of paid android app reviews.

How does Google identify counterfeit reviews?

Google vigorously works on bringing parity in its Play store. Even when deftly veiled reviews are removed how do you expect your counterfeit reviews to make it beyond the line unscathed? Following are the reasons why your counterfeit reviews are removed.

Same IP address/ Device integrity check

Multiple reviews from the same device can be deleterious. It is perhaps the easiest trap to catch counterfeit reviews.

Over the top flattery

Over the top flattery needs no scrutiny. Saying something that is completed unrelated to the app or boasting as if you are the developer can get you caught.

Reviews completely inconsistent with the average star ratings

If your app has an average rating of two/ two and a half, your reviews should not be outstanding. You should not give hundreds of purchase 5-star app rating online.

Repeated context

Reviews with similar contexts are easy to spot. You need to focus on all aspects of your app and write about most of them, if not all.

Predictable language

Use of blatantly obvious language can make you the prey.

With so many factors to stumble upon, it becomes essential to use a review agency for buying android app reviews. Reputed, authentic agencies use a mix of people from all over the world which results in mixing IP addresses from locations thousands of miles apart.

App engagement is something you should know about before paying any amount of money to the paid to review agencies. Apple app store knows exactly when your app was downloaded and whether it is used regularly. Consequently, if the rival apps have more organic downloads and fewer app reviews as compared to your more app reviews and fewer organic downloads, app store would keep you lower on the rankings.  So, buying reviews is only half the marketing. The other half is getting app downloads through app promotion.

With website and review agencies providing high-quality keyword focused reviews, these agencies take care of your app like it is their own work. Most importantly, Android reviews appear immediately unlike Apple app store reviews which appear after 24-48 hours. This saves a lot of time allowing an instant word of mouth and increase in android app installs.

Where to buy android app review?

buy android app review

App store regards “Good”, “Nice” and “Fantastic” reviews as bot reviews. Many companies use real, human users for providing reviews which commit the same mistake. Therefore, before you pay your hard earned money for buying paid reviews, make sure that your choice is good and effective.

Apply tips.co; app reviews.ninja are some of my picks. They professionally provide Google paid reviews and are known in the market for ASO, providing paid app reviews and SEO. These reviews are from real users which are entirely risk-free and safe. Although they cost you heavily for your demands, it is even these Android app reviews which augment your app downloads.

When people find and read positive testimonials on your work, they will download more of your app as compared to an equally good rival app, with lower positive reviews.

Most of the paid to review platform mistakenly provide all 5-star reviews. It is to be considered with a sane mind, that all reviews cannot be 5 stars.  It thus becomes a piece of cake to scrutinize and remove your reviews thus reducing your app ranking. These above-mentioned review providers are skillful and have the experience to fathom which app deserves what kind of buy android app review.

Also, they provide Localised Reviewing: posting reviews in local languages, for instance, French, Spanish, Japanese, Hindi, Mandarin etc. They also support multiple countries with real organic users for app reviewing.

Hope this article helps.