Want to Buy Android App Reviews? How Google is penalizing this Practice

There are many things that developers tend to do in order to get better rankings on the play store. This includes buying android app reviews. While this is a great idea, developers tend to buy Android app reviews and ios app reviews without paying a lot of attention to the consequences.


Because of this, the practice of buying reviews is discouraged buy android. The process to buy reviews on iOS has been a little less curtailed than the one for buying reviews on Android. This can be explained by a few things. One of them is that Play Store is very cautious to what happens in the store, as compared to iOS.

Buy reviews iOS: the truth and the myth


Like we discussed earlier, it is easy to buy play store reviews aka android app ratings compared to buying ios app reviews.  For this practice, the developer may r4esoirt to buy app installs for android. But then, that isn’t as effective as getting the organic growth. In fact, there are many android application review sites, but then as long as you have an option to avoid it, do it by all the means.


This is because Google is getting increasingly cautious of the app review purchase ecosystem. This is why any developer that purchases google play store reviews is scrutinized and may invite penalty.

Buy Android App Reviews & Installs for your app


Now you can buy installs for your app if you think that this would give you a reasonably good return. If you are unsure if your app needs it, then have a good look at your retention rate. And also, try to peg that against the process of buying positive app reviews and ratings. Now, there is no secret to this question ‘how to increase app downloads’, but a great user experience always work.

Where to buy android app review – A quick guide to buy android app review.

buy android app reviews

Due to the quick nature of the internet, a lot of android apps reviews company’s have come into the fray and are selling the reviews. However, it is important to know everything, including how the users get paid to review apps. If you do it well, then you can really promote android app for free. But if you decide to indulge in a buy android app review, then pay a lot of attention to the quality of the users.


Alternatively, you can just select to buy app store downloads, and then let user experience determine whether you get app store reviews. If you are unsure that your app offers a great user experience, then you can opt to buy mobile reviews. But in the entire process, make sure that you get real app reviews – from real users.

It is important to consider factors like IP, and device integrity while making a decision to buy smartphone app reviews today. Also, you can consider some sites that sell paid android and ios app reviews.


Usually, when you buy app installs for Android, the users would be kind enough to review your app so that you don’t have to separate buy android app reviews. While the users are more accommodating in reviewing your app, you have to make sure that you provide them an acceptable level of user engagement.