buy android reviews for your app by fallowing these 5 ways

Interesting as it seems gets buy android reviews for your app is a hard nut to crack. Keeping customers happy is yet another role developers strive to deliver quality services. A telescope is an organized platform that allows you to read all the google play store reviews on the app store and google play store without separately logging into multiple accounts.

buy android reviews

By following these five ways to get more app reviews

Analyse your reviewer:

Usually, when you open Google Play store reviews, the same kind of audience is indulged in giving a review. This your target audience and can help you to share and promote your app. A person who presents his/her views online will also wouldn’t mind spreading the word, a share option in the Android Apps reviews would also provoke people to agree or disagree with their opinion. This would also help promote android app free and help get positive app reviews and rating.

buy android reviews:

If tech-savvy YouTubers get paid to review apps for a particular app, it creates a win-win situation for both the parties. The app is advertised and also increase app download, while the reviewer is paid for the opinion and knowledge. You actually get real app reviews, and people are inspired to say their mind when they see someone doing so, iPhone app reviews and ratings when shown by a popular face, provides an increase app downloads and reviews. We could also pay and buy commonly used app keywords which may help install and buy app store downloads. This gives us both buy Android reviews and buy iOS reviews easily.

Timing is the key:

If the first thing an app does is ask for buy android app review, it tends to be annoying. The app is supposed to ask for a google play review when the person has spent a long time on the app and obviously is hooked. This could be matched by the time when he wins something or levels up.

Rating requests made simpler:

If the rating requests are kept with an option of two, such as “Do you like the App?”. The option can be a Yes or a No, making it easier for the user to just click on one of the options. This is less confusing, as after clicking yes, the option of rating the app with stars is given the user would commonly give buy ios installs a review 3 or above stars. Giving a No could lead them to a google play feedback option and get better android app installs and updates.

Buy reviews:

Several people are willing to give positive app reviews or actually an honest review of the app when paid. A large group of these people may generate an impressive opinion board for the app depending on what you do. Like this, you can buy android app ratings and buy online Ios ratings.