9 ways to drive buy app downloads android

Why do you need to buy app downloads android?

The world is changing at a very fast pace and it has become a rat race.Everything is unlikely to change except competition.Competition remains stationary and if it changes then it changes in a projectile which keeps shooting upwards.It has become important for the app developers to not only develop smarter apps but also promote it in a smart way so as to make it successful.The following article will help you to know about how to buy app downloads android and how to increase app downloads.App developers nowadays use the following mantra for the promotion of their app and also to market it at a larger group of audience.It includes iPhone app reviews and ratings, buy app store reviews , buy play store reviews , paid iOS app reviews , Buy app reviews online , Buy android app review for a particular app , buy app reviews android , get real app reviews , Buy android app reviews , buy mobile installs , buy downloads for your app , Buy positive google reviews, Buy app ratings android , Google play app reviews, Ios app reviews.


Measures to buy app downloads android :

1.Custom made Graphic User Interface for all users

It is important for your app to appeal to the user visually.Visual appeal is very important in the form of graphical user interface.Also, you should note that your app is not heavy i.e so that it runs smoothly.If you want your app to get 5-star mobile app rating online and positive app reviews and ratings then this process helps a lot.


2.Try to launch your app as a free app but with in-app purchases

This will ensure that you get a greater number of buy app downloads android. People these days can stand for as long as you want them to if you are offering a free product.If your app is free then it is advantageous to you.Apps which are free have a greater audience and are sought after more.Initially, you can launch your app as a free app and have in-app purchases.This will help you to earn revenues and also help to increase app download for your app.

3.The appearance of the app

Golden things shine the most.It is vital for your app to support a great visual appearance in order to demarcate it amongst other apps.No one these days has the time to go through all the content that is available about the app hence people just rely on visual appearance which includes cover pictures, app icon etc.Be sure to use vibrant colors and pictures for your icon and keep the textual content brisk and up to the point.

4.Campaigns play a major role in app promotion

buy app downloads android

If you want to win the hearts of your users then you can always keep either a social or any other form of the campaign which will help you to attract the crowd and get the desired results.Campaigns can be of many forms so pertaining to your needs you can organize a campaign.

5.Whenever in doubt, always rely on social media

Social media is a backbone of the app industry and it is as important a tool as any other.It plays an important role in the promotion of the app.It helps to reach out to a greater number of users.You can use these social handles for your app promotion such as facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Instagram etc.

6.Optimize your app store

The app store is a labyrinth of apps and it’s easy to get lost.The only way out of it is the app store search bar.After a user enters the type or category of an app he/she can see a list of apps pertaining to the keywords entered.This is known as app store optimization.To ensure that you have the right keywords in order to get more users to be able to look for your app and it also helps to increase the traffic of your app.So be aware of the types of keywords which users use the most while searching for an app.


Have your ads displayed on various websites and other apps.You might not be able to get your ad displayed on your rivals websites or apps but you can try to get it displayed wherever possible.The more, the better.It will help to boost your publicity.

8.Hold a contest for the promotion of your app

Contests these days attract a greater number of the crowd especially in the age group of 18-30.Use it for your benefit and hold different types of contests like selfie contest, music or dance contest, fashion show etc.You can also invite over a celebrity and make him/her give away the prizes or hold a contest in such a fashion that the winner gets to meet the celebrity.These type of contests increase the buzz about your app and promote your app at a targeted yet sure short audience who can be converted to app users.Giveaways can be given or goodies too can be given as prizes.

9.Ensure feedback and help support

You can only grow if your users are happy.Be sure to take regular feedbacks from current users and give away points or discount coupons for app referrals which will help you to boost your app popularity and help you attain more users.


What else can be done?

If you are still not sure about the above ways then you can devise your own way which will help you to get more users and help you to get more buy app downloads android for your app.

Conclusion :

The above measures will help you to achieve good android ratings and positive ratings for your app.It is evident that you follow these and take the necessary actions for your benefit.