How to Get Positive App Store Reviews

Studies have proven that more than 70% of users download android app after hovering around the google play store reviews section. Only after full satisfaction, users download that app. There is also another fact which states that users leave a review only if they have had a bad or good experience with an app Get Positive App Store Reviews.

So it is pretty clear that the percentage of getting bad reviews is higher than that of getting app downloads and reviews ones. So how do developers stop negative reviews to hamper the growth of their app? We are as curious as you. So let’s find that out together.

Why are reviews important at all?


It is ironical how one user counts on the get positive app store reviews of another user without ever having to meet them. Well, that irony increase app downloads important after all. Here are some amazing facts which, if you know, it will be easier to comprehend the whole theory behind google play store ranking.

• 79% of users check play store buy ratings and reviews before downloading an app.
• 53% users check ratings and reviews before updating an app.
• And 55% check ratings and reviews before making an in-app purchase.
To have a percentage of these users land on your app, it is crucial to make the app discoverable. And obtaining positive app reviews and rating will certainly do that.

How to increase the reviews?

Get Positive App Store Reviews

Your app is just like all the other apps without marketing. No matter if it is 5-star reviews and rating worth app or 1. What matters is how you market it across the users. With effective marketing campaign and proper use of App Store Optimization and ad campaigns, organic reach to your app can increase, resulting in increase android app downloads.

Otherway is investing to get positive app store reviews from different service providers. It is a faster way to increase your app downloads, increased google play store ranking and Google app store ratings.

How to get positive reviews on your app?


According to Apptentive’s 2016 Brand Reputation Management Survey, consumers are 22% more likely to leave a positive android app review after a negative customer experience than a get positive ios app reviews. But we can get them to leave a positive ios app reviews also. Let’s find out how.

1. Let users explore:

First and foremost step in getting people to leave positive buy android app reviews on your app is to not seem too desperate. If you pop open a dialogue box asking users to rate their app, it would push them further away from the idea of ever doing

Give them time, let them relish the experience of using your app. Have faith in your app and let them automatically do so at the end of using it. Because then they will certainly do.

2. Happiest times are Get Positive App Store Reviews time:

Right time prompts are useful as the users are happy then, probably because they played well, they achieved recognition from your app or just won a contest. To find the right time for users, use app analytics and user engagement metrics.

Create a checklist of get positive app store reviews practices for users to be accomplished and insert it into app analytics. Arrange a prompt time according to app analytics which gives indicators of your users’ behaviors.

3. Ask-properly:

Don’t be hasty in getting reviews. Positive things take time. Instead of asking users to give you a google play feedback uprightly, dissuade them into something more casual.

Like going somewhat like this “Are you having fun on this app”? If the user chooses “yes” over “no”, that’s your cue to ask them to leave feedback google play store reviews and ratings “Would you love sharing your experience”? This casual way is not at all commercial, rather it is plain fun. Most of the users would end up sharing their experience i.e. reviewing and rating too.

4. Act upon negative feedbacks:

Ironical it is, but working on negative reviews may get positive app store reviews ones in no time. Some people grieve about their issues never being acknowledged let alone solved.

That pushes them over the edge even more. Therefore, work on your app regularly by updating it. Then tell the users you have solved their issues. Most users would come to drop a positive review for the same.

These tips will help you in boosting your app rankings. Work in a very attentive manner to make your app desirable and likable.