Increase App Downloads by Fallowing 5 Actionable Steps

After having developed an app, what do you think is the most important aspect? Yes, Increase app downloads. That is the only one major criterion which decides how your app is actually doing. And also, let’s face it- it is not a piece of cake. You actually have yet a lot of work to do to make people see that downloading an android app and buy android app downloads and buy ios app downloads is actually an excellent idea.

Here are some very interesting steps which will definitely help you how to increase app downloads:



Brilliant UI:

In case the app that you are using does not click well with the users using it, it is not going to do much good. The customers these days understand the market and would rather wait than spend their money on something they might regret. Now that means either of the two things– 1. UI should be well responsive and, 2. It should attractive enough to capture the customers’ attention in the very first chance it will get. Thus it is going to boost app downloads.


Crash Proof App:


Let us face on thing very clearly, that no one likes to use an app which has a lot of bugs. The first priority of a developer is to make sure that there is smooth running of the app so that the user is not unsatisfied. Unsatisfied consumers would only result in them to give positive app reviews and rating the app on Google play store and leave negative reports which are not good for the developer. This is the exact reason why it is highly crucial you test your app.


Android app Reviews of users on the app store:


In general, when you go to the app store to look for an app that will serve your purpose what you look for are the buy android reviews of the people who have already used it. We tend to feel comfortable using apps which have good buy android app reviews as we feel that we can rely on the apps.

Increase App Downloads

This is one of the main reasons why anyone who has an app in the market must resort to buy app store reviews as it will not only help them get their app come into the spotlight but also make good publicity as people will get to know about the same. At the same time when an app is getting better android buy installs for your app, it will tend to improve Android app rank. When people are talking about it and willing to try it, it will tend to influence other people to do the same.

For instance, suppose you are looking up a game of a particular genre. The first thing you’d do is type the keywords in the app installer and look and purchase good reviews and higher ratings; because you naturally believe that the product is genuine. That is simply human nature and everyone does that. Yet at the time of promoting we tend to forget a few points which don’t help us in the long term.


Launching On The Right Platform:

One thing can be very clearly said that if you are able to arrange for a press launch it will give you a huge Increase app downloads and it’s improving android app rankings in the beginning. Yet whatever is to come after that is absolutely the crucial decider of your fate. Although using huge budget marketing can be very influential yet small budget release is also not a bad idea.


Investing Into Content:

All the business will vouch for the good content of their product and the benefits it has to offer an exception. Here are a few ways to which the content might be enhanced:

  • The content should not only be good but enhance it with a blog site.
  • Explore the social media.

This is very beneficial as it attracts the attention of the people.


Increase app downloads

This is probably the most ignored side of increasing anapp downloads hich comes under the app share intent. Usually, apps don’t have any control over the share intent and are a huge drawback. Try fixing that a little and you might as well go a long way.



These are some of the very convenient steps which you can follow to Increase app downloads.