Promote Android Apps By Fallowing Innovative ways

Once an app is made, right marketing promote android apps free and promotion of the app is a must. Marketing has 4 Ps, one of which is a promotion. A promotion has to be done in such a way that the right kind of audience is targeted and the right amount of spotlight is obtained by your app and also you can buy android reviews and buy ios reviews. Knowing that people have many options and will opt for the one which is totally attractive.

There are many ways to get 5-star mobile app rating online and you can get ios app reviews and creative with the kind of promotion you want for your app but you also must keep in mind that there should be a balance between what you are spending and what you are getting back, it should be optimum.

What is a promotion of an app?


It is the activities which are performed to market or communicate the app to the right customers. This is done to grab their attention how to increase app downloads and increase app downloads by purchase 5-star app rating online, this activity ensures that there is no other app outshines your google play store app.

You can make your app spread like wildfire using following tools:


Promote Android Apps

Stay visible at all the times:


Usually, people don’t understand that making an app and promoting it is less fruitful than marketing an app before it is made. Now one might ask why should it be done? This is done to increase customer’s contribution to fill the gaps and make an amazing app. This will help you to get positive ios app reviews and know where you are lagging and where improvement is needed from the customer’s point of view.


Get featured in an official blog:


If official blogs feature your app, they will pop up whenever people search for a related topic. The official blogs give an authentication that your app is good and that it will not let the users down.

Feature the name of the app in your various accounts:


When you have an app to market, you have to go hard or go home. So, even if it might look like its too much…there is nothing as “too much” when it comes to marketing. One simply has to add the name of the app in various accounts. The email account having the name of the app will work wonders for the app, the app’s name will be noticed every time one receives a mail from your side.

Make a website:


You must have an amazing website to support the app. The promotion of the app has to be short and simple, hence when one has to know about the app the website comes in handy.

Demo video:


A demo video shows how the app works. All the good features of the app are in that video. A video sums up the app, all the nice features are in that video. The video is featured along with the description and to get a clearer picture of the app the people watch the video.

SEO is important:


When a person writes a word related to the app they are looking for, your app must come in the search results before the person hits enter. This I important because people want fast results, they don’t usually go for results which come below. You should make sure that the keywords used are such that the app pops up when the user is looking for it.

Social media:


Digital marketing is very common these days, one cannot avoid it as all the competitors are doing it. The social media is very frequently used by everyone and hence a presence should be maintained. Social media can make your app go viral with minimal efforts or minimal investment.

Eye-catching app icon:


The app must absolutely have a fantastic logo. The logo is the first thing that a people see and it has to be attractive to catch the attention of the people. The logo must have minimal colours as more colors can distract. The logo can be tested against various backgrounds to see how it looks. The logo should be such that it stays in the mind of the people.

Take amazing screenshots:


The screenshots of the app should be containing screenshots of the features that you want the customer to know or see. It should be attractive so that the people can know about the app. Better screenshots have a much greater chance of being more like.

App store optimization or ASO:


It’s a way by which you can increase the visibility. Rank of the app is very important because it drives traffic towards the app. The main motive behind using ASO is increasing the rank of the app so that more and more people can see it and a result of which downloads will increase.

promote Android apps through a promo video:


The app has to be promoted through a  promo video which tells about the app. The promo video can feature on various social media sites and you can also buy positive Google reviews so that it is more visible by buy android app review and buy ios app review.


Run contests:


Small contests within the app can be very attractive for the people. When you provide incentives to take part in the contest, people become more interested towards the app.


App landing page:


App landing page has an app the information regarding the app you can also tease the apps that will be released in the future on that page. This page can be made nicely to promote Android apps by buy android app downloads.




The apps are very easily forgotten because people have a very short attention span and hence something extraordinary must be done in order to grab the attention of the customer. Apps are made, which are good and can promote Android apps themselves but for people to know that they are good, they should be visible which is only possible if the promote android apps promotion is done properly. A good app should get the right kind of attention to reach the right kind of customers. The above-mentioned tools should be used strategically in order to have an impact on the target market. Mix of the tools will cause an increase in the number of downloads.