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About Us is a project from Richard Kastelein that has evolved over the past few years of curating market intelligence in the future TV realm via ownership of – where he and a dozen contributors have written about and collected over 150 APIs and SDKs of code and content that can be used to hack future TV experiences.

Thus the idea of Hackfest was born.

In late 2012 he teamed up with Apps World brand to run hackathons as part of the events in San Francisco and London in 2013 and is working with them to expand the brand. He’s also a signatory of the Hackday Manifesto.

Then now, from 2022, changed it’s mission to the internet & computer users support.

“Have some questions about your computer but don’t know where to look for answers?”

“Intend to get a new  device and could use a couple of recommendations?”

In the case that the above reflects some of your main concerns as an computer user, you would find to be very helpful. addresses an assortment of topics surrounding computer devices, applications, bugs and so on. By conducting extensive research, writers aim to keep articles on our site neutral, precise and relevant. Also, we at make an effort to read the comments for feedback which permits us to enhance the readability of articles.

Why hack TV?

  • Because there’s half a trillion dollars up for grabs globally in TV ad spend and Pay TV revenue as the Internet starts to collide with traditional TV. According to Forbes.
  • Because companies like Google, Facebook and Apple have proven that Open Communities with Open APIs, Open SDKs and Open Source drive innovation far beyond any closed, proprietary systems do. Wouldn’t you like to have 50,000 developers working on spec like they do?
  • Developers are the new rockstars. They speak the secret languages (code) which are changing the world.
  • Print and Music were both disrupted by the Internet. TV is next. Opportunities abound as the current value chain is under threat with new gatekeepers in the living room (Samsung, Google, Apple, Boxee, Roku etc.) and new consumer behaviour with second screen engagement whilst watching TV.

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