DATE: Thursday 25th , online access to SDKs and APIs. Friday 26th and Saturday 27th October 2012

WHERE: Ravensbourne, 6 Penrose Way, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 0EW (next to the O2!)




Friday 26th



Registration & Welcome for London Transmedia 2012 event. Transmedia Fest Registration & Welcome on 1st floor (Hackfest starts at 17:00 officially on 6th floor!


Transmedia Fest starts - Ogilvy Labs Day and Ogilvy Exhibition, Immersive Writing Lab on 1st floor

10:00 > 16:00

Creative Innovation Labs & Ideation – work on your idea, meet others, listen in on creative case studies (Ogilvy / BBC)

17:00 - 18:00

Hackfest starts! Meet the Mentors & Networking (Creatives and Technologists) Form a Team and Mentor Pitches on 6th floor


Food & Drink and ‘On Your Marks!’ in Chill Zone on 4th floor

19:00 onwards

Start Hacking (why are you still reading this? Get going folks!) Showers and huge comfy sofas available for a bit of shuteye and cleanup if you plan to stay the night!

Saturday 27th


12:01 > 08:00

Keep on Hacking for the all nighters!

08:00 > 08:30

Keep awake pit stop – Debrief from Day One and Breakfast in Chill Zone on 4th floor

08:30 > 09:30

Catch up with Mentors (time to get the half way feedback)

09:30 > 13:00

Back to the Hacking!

13:00 > 14:00

Break for Lunch with the Mentors (Hint - time to find those finishing touches!)

14:00 > 16:30

Hackfest 2012 final TellyHacking session

17:00 > 18:00

Final Call for hacks! Dinner in Chill Zone on 4th floor  

18:00 Judging starts!
19:00 > 22:00 Final Party and Awards on 1st Floor

Remember you can apply for be part of London Transmedia Fest 2012 by registering your interest in not only Hackfest but also five others:

  1. A world-class Storytelling Lab day from Ogilvy, featuring keynotes, case studies, panels and inspiration sessions.
  2. The world’s largest Transmedia Hackfest (this site), bringing technology and creative industries together.
  3. A two day immersive writing workshop, with a £6,000 development contract up for grabs.
  4. Scores of exhibitors gathering to display the most innovative applications of Transmedia worldwide.
  5. Learn the six-pack of future funding skills at the Ravensbourne Future Media Bootcamp
  6. See eminent Transmedia academics debate the future of Transmedia

Just a few things:

  • We know it’s hard to choose, but it is unfortunately not possible to apply for multiple events or put in an ‘Open Application’ for LTF 2012. The events that make up London Transmedia Fest 2012 will be happening simultaneously, so you’d need to know how to be in two places at once!
  • Please note that application does not constitute an accepted place, and successful applicants will be notified by email in advance of the event.
  • You don’t have to be an SME to take part in London Transmedia Fest 2012 – we are interested in welcoming larger stakeholders into the DMIC community.
  • All attendees are invited to the results party for the TV Hack Fest (27th October: 6pm – 7pm at Ravensbourne), and the Hackfest networking party (27th October: 7pm – 9pm at Ravensbourne).