Written by Richard Kastelein.

ravensbourne collegedone2Held at London’s Ravensbourne College on October 26-27, TV Hackfest 2012 is part of London Transmedia Fest 2012 – which is expected to be one of the largest ever gatherings of creatives, technologists and advertisers to gather under one umbrella to discuss, create, pontificate and muse over the future of television and film.

With over 1000 expected for the inaugural London Transmedia Fest 2012, backed by Ravensbourne, BBC Writers Room, Ogilvy Labs, Portal Entertainment, the DMIC project, the European Regional Development Fund, the Royal Borough of Greenwich and Greenwich Digital Peninsula, Oxford University Said Business School, Young Rewired State, Appmarket.tv and Agora Media,

And not one that will not be missed by major talent and major players from many sectors including broadcasters, telecommunications, production companies, CE manufacturers, major consumer and B2B media, agencies, brands, technology providers, academic researchers and of course hundreds of developers… who are gathering to hack new forms of TV in conjunction with storytellers, visionaries and other entrepreneurs in a two day hackfest extraordinaire!

Key benefits of sponsoring:

  • Exposure to leading coders and creatives from UK, Europe and overseas to help expand your developer community and bring awareness to your API’s and SDK’s in a practical environment.
  • Your product evangelists and technology teams will have direct access to the hackfest participants in order to share the APIs and SDKs directly.
  • Via the exhibition space surrounding the hackathon your will further build brand exposure  – a chance to stand out, increase traffic and build your market presence.
  • You will have a base to extend your networking beyond just the hack fest portion of London Transmedia Fest, but also be able to capture critical business connections  other parts of the media convergence  scene which includes entrepreneurs, investors, producers, writers, and other creatives.
  • Sponsorship of TV Hackfest also includes exhibition space as well an opportunity to bring in mentors and evangelists to help the coders directly during the two day affair.

What can you expect at TV Hackfest 2012?

  • Our team will help with advising on the TV Hackfest exhibition area. We can provide a basic table and chair setup up at the minimum or arrange shells or larger exhibition infrastructure upon request.
  • We will provide food and drinks for free for you and your team – over the course of the two days.
  • We will promote your proposition and community through our flagship publication at www.appmarket.tv and our vast Social Media network.
  • We will provide social events where your team can meet not only developers, but also mingle with the creative community from the advertising world and TV and film communities who are also expected to attend this event en masse.

Who will you meet?

Advertising and branding professionals, Analysts, Business Development directors, Business Owners, Commercial managers, Company directors, Consultants, Creative directors, Designers, Developers, Digital Marketing Managers, Directors, TV and Mobile professionals, IT professionals, PR professionals, Product Managers, Project Managers, Researchers, Sales professionals, Software Engineers, Telecommunications professionals, Academic Researchers, and the next generation of talent.


For those seeking to build developer communities around their open platforms – TV Hackfest 2012 is a perfect occasion to get your APIs and SDKs in front of some of the world’s top and upcoming coders and creatives. As a sponsor of the event, TV Hackfest 2012 is where you will find those third party developers to drive innovation not only on the day – but also into the future – as this is a brilliant opportunity to showcase your code and create buzz in the development and creative communities on its potential to create interaction, innovate, monetize, and more!

Why Sponsor TV Hackfest 2012?

Cost: At between 1000 and 5000 pounds, depending on level of sponsorship the event is affordable for all size companies (Depending on level of sponsorship – Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze).

The founders and organisers of TV Hackfest have a well-respected, leading online publication at www.appmarket.tv which has been educating industries for a number of years and their extraordinary network has led to collaboration with some of the leading companies, organisations and government bodies in Europe and the UK to help facilitate engagement and creativity via TV Hackfest 2012.

TV Hackfest 2012 is just part of a larger event – London Transmedia Fest 2012 which will bring in an array of other players in the creative, business and technology sectors. Backed by the likes of Ogilvy and the EU, it’s expected the free event will draw thousands – as there will be a general exhibition area backed by Ogilvy Labs, as well as a plethora of Labs, Panels, Workshops and Keynotes on an array of topics surrounding futurist topics such as transmedia, social TV, TV apps, multiplatform engagement, advanced storytelling etc.

Sponsorship can include (Depending on level of sponsorship – Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze)

  •     Prime locations where can put up your signage at the event (over the foyer seven floors high inside and of course at your mentor area.
  •     A dedicated table/chairs and access for up to 5 mentors/evangelists who will appear on the front page of hackfest.tv as mentors
  •    You will have the opportunity to also create an award for best use of ROVI metadata.
  •     A banner on the front page of hackfest.tv
  •     Can Include full page sponsor’s message in hackfest guide at registration & catalogue points (WE HAVE NOT CONFIRMED GUIDE YET)
  •     Can Include Sponsor’s logo on visitor badges
  •     Can Include Sponsor pens at registration desks (at your cost)
  •     Can Include Promotional Literature Inserts and other items  in the Hack Bags  (WE HAVE NOT CONFIRMED BAGS YET)
  •     Can Include Hack Bag sponsorship (at your cost)
  •     Can Include Badge lanyard sponsorship (at your cost)
  •     Can Include Bar/Coffee Stand Supporter (at your cost)

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