SOLVED! You’re Not Eligible For An Azure Free Account

Once it comes to “you’re not eligible for an Azure free account” error, you might have messed up the profile information and correction is necessary. Besides that, you should check out credit card details, take a look at your Microsoft account, etc. Eligible for an Azure free account but don’t know why you cannot get one? In that case, you need to spare some time to take a look at this article.

The Root Of The Problem

Incorrect Profile Information

To create the an Azure account, free as well as paid, you must provide all the details down below:

  • Email Address
  • Country or region
  • Telephone Number
  • Street Address

If there is a mistake among the details, there is a good chance that the account registration would hit a wall. On the bright side, if incorrect profile information is responsible for “you’re not eligible for an Azure free account” error, there is no need to do much. 

Issues With Credit Card 

Microsoft only accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards. If your card isn’t one of the mentioned cards, you won’t be able to open an Azure free account. Also, in the case you haven’t enabled international payments, the process cannot complete. It’s only natural for errors to pop up if you have made mistakes during detail input such as wrong card numbers too. 

Other possibilities include:

  • You’re using a virtual card.
  • Your credit card provider isn’t accepted in your region. 
  • You’re using a debit or prepaid card. 
  • You’re using a blocked or inactive card.

Existing Account

In case you don’t know, Azure won’t tolerate multiple accounts using the same information. You have an existing Azure account? In that case, you cannot create more accounts using details from the existing one. 

What Must Be Done

Check Out Profile Information

As mentioned above, account registration is impossible if you enter incorrect profile information. Hence, you should check out the details for mistakes and apply corrections if necessary. 

Go Through Account Details 

Rules and regulations mean similarities between email addresses will complicate the creation of Azure accounts. If you have an existing Azure account, open it, go to profile and note down the information. As you create a new account, make sure that you don’t use the same information.

Think About Credit Card 

Depending on the situation, you have to contact your card provider, change card, etc. Remember the card standards of Microsoft for Azure then act accordingly. 

Clear Cache

None of the above works? In that case, you should clear cached data, restart your computer and create the account one more time. That is going to address hiccups that plague account registration and get you through the process. 

Who Is Eligible For Azure Free Accounts?

The Azure Free Account is available to everyone that owns a Microsoft account

Do I Need A Microsoft Account To Sign Up For Azure?

You don’t need a Microsoft account to sign up for Azure but you will need one if you want to use Azure Active Directory. Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based identity and access management service that provides single sign-on access to all of your cloud applications.

Can I Use My Azure Hybrid Benefit Within The Azure Free Account?

Yes, you can use your Azure Hybrid Benefit within the Azure Free Account. The Azure Hybrid Benefit allows you to use your on-premises licenses of Windows Server and System Center to get a discount on Azure services. 

To use Azure Hybrid Benefit, you first need to create an Azure subscription. Next, in the Subscriptions blade, select the subscription that you want to use your Azure Hybrid Benefit with then click on the Manage link. In the Manage Azure Subscription blade, you can see all of your subscriptions. If you select your Azure Hybrid Benefit subscription, you will be able to see an option to use it with that subscription.

What Happens At The End Of The 12-Months Subscription Of Paid Azure Accounts?

Azure users can renew their subscription to continue using the services. If the customer does not renew the subscription, then they will no longer be able to use the services.

Are There Limitations In Free Azure Accounts?

A free Azure account has some limitations. For example, a free account can only create a limited number of resources, such as websites, virtual machines, and databases. Additionally, the resources that are created with a free account are also limited in terms of storage space and bandwidth.


  • Take advantage of Azure’s free tier offerings. These services can help you save money on your Azure bill, and they can also provide you with valuable resources that can help you get started with Azure.
  • Remember to stay within the Azure account limits. Azure has certain limits in place for free accounts and exceeding these limits can result in additional charges.
  • Keep your Azure account up-to-date. Azure regularly releases new features and updates, and keeping your account up to date can help you take advantage of these new features and updates.
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